The Paani Ka Teeka Movement

Paani ka Teeka is a citizen's movement that will inspire the citizens to become agents of change, take affirmative actions and unanimously come together as a nation for countering the water crisis. The calamity is no longer the problem of a few, we are all equally responsible for the shrinking of our water resource. Every drop of water counts, every drop of water has to be saved. We must continuously look at altering our lifestyles with a singular aim of conserving as much water. A change must come in ourselves, our homes, our offices, our schools, our educational campuses, our public utilities areas and overall in our immediate surroundings, before we step into taking care of our villages and our country. Sustained efforts are being made as part of the project to drive the necessary impact over the next few years.
The aim is to encourage people across our country to take ownership of the depletion, conserve every drop and contribute in your own way for the cause of water.


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