IdeaHive Media Pvt. Ltd. is a 'Cause Driven Media Campaign Management' agency. IdeaHive, a startup is deemed to be a social entrepreneurial firm and was created with a vision of building initiatives that make a better community around us. We specialize in the creation and management of IPs across Music, Sports and Entertainment. Our key focus is to best utilize the said mediums to create awareness, make behavioral changes and give voice to the pertinent issues that affect our society. We are currently working on impactful projects, connected with nation building and environment sustainability initiatives. Some of our plans also include creating fund raising for various social causes and non-governmental organizations; applying our skills in media and events to produce best practice campaigns. Our attempts are aimed to bring transformation at grassroots across the nation through industry and government partnerships….all backed by a strong ideology of catalyzing a sincere change in our society and the country at large!