• Dream...
    For you then sow the seeds of change...
  • Be The Change...
    For it is the only way you can inspire others…
  • Inspire Others...
    For it is the only way you can build the stepping stones of revolutions...
  • Build Together...
    For it is the only way you can shape the dreams of a future forward country!

Bee the change you wish to see in the world!


Inspired by the benevolent philosophy of the bees; IdeaHive is built around the unassuming philanthropy of this unique being and the camaraderie of the hive herd.
We believe that we come from the earth, we go back to the earth and in between just like the bees we should make a sweetened difference in our own way!

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Our Projects


Paani ka Teeka is a citizen's movement that will inspire the citizens to become agents of change, take affirmative actions and unanimously come together as a nation for countering the water crisis. The calamity is no longer the problem of a few, we are all equally responsible for the shrinking of our water resource. Every drop of water counts, every drop of water has to be saved. The aim is to encourage people across our country to take ownership of the depletion, conserve every drop and contribute in your own way for the cause of water.

Meet the Idea Hive team


Dilip Moorkoth

Managing Director


Roshni Zaidi

VP Research & Alliance


Asif Hussain

Director Operations - Activation


Jai Bhujwala

Director Digital Media

Advisory Board


Princess Asharaje Gaekwad


Prof S. Parasuraman

Director & Vice Chancellor, TISS


Mr. Vivek Rai Gupta

Senior Advisor - Reliance Industries Limited


Mr. Arun Arora

Chief Communication Officer, Cairn India Ltd.

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